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Steampunk Society of Massachusetts
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This community is for Steampunks and interested parties in the Massachusetts area to scheme, share, and schmoose.

Society Regulations

First and foremost, let’s keep it local/regional. Please keep all post relevant to Massachusetts (and surrounding states where appropriate.)

Appropriate topics include:

- Gatherings and events, including coordination and organization
- Local discoveries (Shop finds, curb trash)
- Inquires of a local nature
- Project/performance assistance/advice
- Sales of local/pickup items**
- Local appearances of artisans, artists, troupes, and Society members

Posts of your latest creations and projects are welcome, but please be courteous with regards to cross-posting. We all keep up with the many steam-themed communities available, and we will see your post if placed elsewhere as easily as if it were here. If you feel your post is most relevant here, let’s have it!
Promotion of other communities is allowed, but again, please be courteous with regards to cross-posting.

Questions, comments, complaints, and rants may be directed to emailjessu@yahoo.com.
All issues will be addressed and resolved as soon as possible.

**Clarification of Sales Policy: Please post only items for sale locally. Items available nationally deserve a national audience- please post them elsewhere.

Calendar Of Events
With many thanks to our social secretary, buffpixie

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