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steampunk apocalypse outfit front

voodoo flap skirt front

voodoo flap skirt back
3 skull voodoo skirt made from black vinyl with rubberized back flap & distress, tatter & bone
size S
35 euro , 30 pounds

tatter cowl loop scarf brwn fur on2

tatter cowl loop scarf brwn fur
brown soft furry tatter loop scarf with distress & bronze studs
20 euro, 17 pounds

voodoo cyber fall

voodoo cyber fall details 2
single futuristic tribal style fall in blond-silver-grey-white tones
22 euro, 20 pounds

steampunk sectioned leggings
steampunk ruffle leggings with net section and hand dyed lace. they come just below the knee
size: M
20 euro, 17 pounds

steampunk ruffle button gloves 2
customized beige real leather vintage kid gloves
size: S
19 euro, 16 pounds

steampunk rosary glo beads on
steampunk rosary with red glow beads & vintage key
20 euro, 17 pounds

steampunk legwarmers
steampunk overknee boot covers
20 euro, 17 pounds

steampunk gears necklace detail
necklace with clock gear & locket
10 euro, 9 pounds

steampunk gear legging 2
steampunk ruffle & gear legging. it comes just below the knee.
size S/M
20 euro, 17 pounds

steampunk distress legwarmers side
steampunk apocalypse under knee boot covers with hand-dyed distress
20 euro, 17 pounds

steampunk bustle skirt front on2

steampunk bustle skirt side on
steampunk brown cotton layered bustle skirt with net ruffles, bronze buckles & gears
size: M
39 euro, 33,50 pounds

steampunk bustier front on

steampunk bustier back

steampunk outfit front on
customized steampunk apocalypse gears bodice hand dyed brown cotton with distress, tulle ruffles,
lace & bronze studs. zips up on the side.
size: M
39 euro, 33,50 pounds

steampunk boots left side

steampunk boots right side

steampunk boots detail
customized italian real leather flap over boots
with loads of lovely bronze details
size: 38, UK 5
39 euro, 33,50 pounds

voodoo skull mini

spiral skull skirt on
voodoo goth spiral skull mini
size: S/M
19 euro, 16 pounds

scavenger voodoo skirt front

scavenger skirt on
voodoo goth leopard mini with distress & skulls
size: S/M
20 euro, 17 pounds

scavenger overksirt front

savage overskirt
fur asymmetrical skirt with buttons on the side
size: S/M
15 euro, 13 pounds

grey tatter voodoo skirt long front

grey tentacle skirt on
voodoo-goth tentacle skirt grey cotton stretch with tatters & brass studs
size: S
30 euro, 26 pounds

button legwarmers furry on 2
fur boot covers tight fitting with silver buttons
15 euro, 12 pounds

3 skull necklace on
3 skull necklace
10 euro, 9 pounds

14 blond white dreads

14 blond white dreads detail
14 very fluffy thick long blond white accent dreads which have been partly steamed & crocheted
4 euro per dread

12 red dreads

12 red dreads details
12 bright red fluffy accent dreads which have been crocheted for natural look
3 euro per dread

acid dyed strands scarf on

acid dyed strands scarf
acid wash tatter strands scarf
10 euro, 9 pounds

steampunk detachment boot covers

attachment legwarmers bottom
steampunk detachment boot covers/ legs to be attached/detached to hotpants by clips
with ruffles, slashes, distress & bronze studs
25 euro , 21 pounds

beige fluffy scarf on & bodice

beige fluffy scarf
beige very long raggedy fur scarf
12 euro, 10 pounds

corroded loop scarf on
steampunk corroded tatter loop scarf hand dyed
25 euro, 21 pounds

cyber falls ice blue 2

cyber falls ice blue details 3
set of nuclear winter falls ice-blue tones
25 euro / 21 pounds

grey bleached distr tights2

distressed grey lace leggings detail 2
voodoo goth moth leggings, acid washed & distressed
one size
10 euro , 9 pounds

gears corset & corroded loop scarf

gears corset on

gears corset
steampunk apocalypse overbust corset with steel bones, distress, ruffles
and gears
size: S  waist 20"
65 euro, 55 pounds

mech butterfly necklace on
mechanical butterfly necklace with gears & black stones
16 euro, 13 pounds

pinstripe steampunk bustier front

pinstripe steampunk bustier back

pinstripe steampunk bustier on
steampunk pinstripe bustier with bronze ruffles, gears & studs..
tulle and distress
size: S
39 euro, 33,50 pounds

ruffle bolero front on
dark grey ruffle bolero
size: S/M
15 euro, 13 pounds

skull pointy top orange on

skull pointy top orange back
nuclear waste open back asymmetrical top day-glo cotton with distress, studs and applications
size: S
25 euro , 21 pounds

steampunk asym mini with gears front

steampunk asym mini with gears back

steampunk apocalypse outfit side
steampunk apocalypse wrap mini hand dyed cotton with net ruffles, distress
gears & studs
size S/M
39 euro , 33,50 pounds

apocalypse ribcage top front
voodoo goth skull ribcage top
size: S/M
19 euro / 16 pounds

bolero big net sleeves

bolero big net sleeves detail
voodoo goth bolero with hand dyed dark grey net sleeves and neck detail
size: S
20 euro, 17 pounds

for questions, measurements, postage etc.. please mail me at :)
i ship out from holland to most world wide locations: all of europe, north america, canada, australia

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